Maine Children's Trust supports programs across Maine are proven to assist families and caregivers in their parenting journey. All support services are free. We know that all parents have strengths and we can build on those strengths by supporting protective factors in families. Protective factors are helping families connect to one another, learn about how their child grows and develops, how to overcome life's obstacles, learn how to find help, and how to help children understand their emotions.

Maine Prevention Council - Strengthening Families & Communities

Prevention Councils offer a wide range of support for families and parents in every county in Maine. Services vary from county to county based on the needs identified by the community. For upcoming Prevention Council support services and events in your area or for more information, visit our local resources map here.
  • Parenting education: All Prevention Councils provide parenting education where you can learn with other parents about your child's development as well as learn techniques and strategies for your child's growth.
  • Parenting support groups: Prevention Councils offer opportunities for caregivers to connect with one another. Topics are often chosen by caregivers or on subjects that previous participants have shared they would like to hear more about.
  • Playgroups: Prevention Councils also hold playgroups for young children to learn through play and they also provide support for caregivers on your child's development.
  • Local Advisory Board/Committees: Each Prevention Council has a local Advisory Board/Committee comprised of diverse community leaders to include businesses, legislators/policymakers, parents/caregivers, providers, and other family-serving professionals. Over 300 community members serve across the state in this role working to support their local communities to ensure child and family well-being and primary prevention efforts are focused on.
  • Events: Various events and informational opportunities are provided in each County to support families. We encourage you to visit our resource map here to see what your local Prevention Council is providing in your area.
  • Needed services: We all need help finding services or needed items for our families. Your local Prevention Council can assist with a wide range of needs and/or can also help you connect with available services in your county.

Maine Families - a great start for new parents

Maine Families Home Visiting believes parents and caregivers are the most important teachers their children will ever have. Maine Families is offered to all families who are expecting or have a new baby at home. Whether it is your first or your third baby, Maine Families certified family visitors can provide information, encouragement and support around the topics that matter to you regarding health, nutrition, safety, development and your family's well-being. Your Family Visitor will meet with you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Provide you with prenatal support: Information on breastfeeding; eating healthy for you and your baby; childbirth; and fetal development.
  • Once your baby is born, she will share with you information about what you may expect at different ages and stages of your baby's development.
  • Share toys, books and games to help you encourage your baby's healthy growth.
  • Provide you with helpful tools and ideas for meeting the daily challenges of parenting.
  • Help you connect with other community services and resources you might want to use.