Every family has challenges, but they also have strengths. Research shows that having the 5 Protective Factors in your life keeps families strong. By understanding these five areas of strength, we can all improve our families' lives through understanding our needs as caregivers and our children's needs so that we have less stress in our daily lives.

1) Knowledge of Child Development: Information on how kids grow and how to help each unique child thrive

2) Parental Resilience: The ability to bounce back from stress and cope with challenges in a positive, constructive way

3) Concrete Supports in Times of Need: Access to services and resources that keep a family safe and healthy, such as food, shelter, and healthcare

4) Social Emotional Competence of Children: Children know that they belong, know they are loved, understand their feelings and can get along well with others

5) Supportive Social Connections: Having friends, family and community that provide emotional support in tough times and help celebrate good times