Local Prevention Council Contacts

The Prevention Councils focus on primary and secondary child abuse prevention efforts by strengthening families in every county in Maine. Prevention Councils do this by using the Center for the Study of Social Policy's Strengthening Families framework to promote protective factors in families. Annual prevention plans are created that utilizes child maltreatment data provided by the Office of Child and Family Services; a needs assessment, which analyzes gaps, community input and an advisory board, to select approved evidence-based parent education, supports and strategies. These targeted and individualized prevention plans focus on programs and activities that will lead to the most substantial advancements in strengthening families and therefore preventing child abuse in each county.

The Prevention Councils also serve special populations identified through prevention planning and offer programming for fathers, substance-affected families, co-parenting/separated families, prenatal families, as well as offering education in child sexual abuse prevention as identified.

In addition, the Prevention Councils provide training to family-serving professionals in every county in the following: Infant Safe Sleep, Protective Factors, Mandated Reporting and Period of PURPLE Crying, an abusive head trauma prevention training. All services provided by the Councils are free.

Prevention Councils partner with local agencies, schools, businesses and many others in a variety of ways to support families and children in their county.

To connect with your local Prevention Council please visit our local resources map here.