Board of Directors

Charles Soltan, Esq
Soltan Bass, LLC
Gail Conley
Kennebec Savings Bank
Vice Chair
Tim Floyd
Crisis and Counseling
Lanelle Freeman
Chief Michael Gahagan
Caribou Police Department
Genevieve Gardner
Kids Free to Grow
Bruce Gerrity, Esq
Kim Gore
Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Maine
Jennifer Hayman, M.D.
Barbara Bush Children's Hospital
Anne Jordan
Office of the Courts
Jeff Johnson
The Children's Center
Joyce Maker
Community Volunteer
James R. Martin
Peter Mills, Esq
Maine Turnpike Authority
Greg Mitchell, Detective
Maine State Police
Tracee O'Brien
Office of Child and Family Services, DHHS
Christopher Pezzullo, M.D.
Maine Primary Care Association
Heather Pouliot
Core Marketing & Design
Danielle Langley
Aroostook Council for Healthy Families
Renee Whitley
Franklin County Children's Task Force
Margaret Craven
House of Representatives